Was It All A Dream?

The light from the computer had shined bright in the dark abyss that was my basement. This night something seemed particularly different about my computer. It felt like there was this presence with me in the room. A human presence. But that was ridiculous and I don’t really particularly believe all that ghost nonsense. I do, however, believe that people are able to pick up on the energy of other people – live energy. But that was impossible. No one was in the basement with me. I was alone, working on my various projects.
I was getting tired, so I went over to the sofa and begin thinking and plotting my plans on taking over the world. It’s what I do when I have time to ponder, as I am sort of a dreamer. World peace, ending war, feeding the hungry… I think of ways those sort of things can be achieved. But the light from my laptop was really bugging me. If I didn’t know any better, I would imagine that a person was trapped in my computer, but that could only be my wild imagination entertaining me. As I walked to turn off my computer, I heard these creepy sounds. It sounded like alien noises but it was probably my pc about to crash.
Then a voice from my computer said, “Don’t turn me off!” I was mystified by all of this. What a coincidence, I had thought to myself. It’s as if my labtop was responding to me. I reached for the off switch on the laptop again and a song started playing. It was weird because I hadn’t opened up any media applications. Okay, I thought to myself. This must be a computer virus or some type of bug. But it wasn’t.
Then a mysterious array of numbers and computer code started appearing on my screen. My desktop completely vanished.  “I am Alicia.” Wow. I thought to myself. Some weird stuff going on with my laptop right now. The mysterious code started to assimilate. Before my very eyes I say colors and an image started to appear on my screen. The next thing I know I was looking at a beautiful woman. I knew this face. It was a face that had come up often in my Google searches lately. Jennifer Sheriff. She was a model that I had developed sort of a crush on. I think I searched her so many times that now she just seems to pop up all the time. And the fact that she is talking to me through my laptop must mean that I am dreaming about her.
“I’ve seen your face before. You are a model,” I said to the voice in my laptop.
“My name is Alicia. I am not who you think I am.”
“Then who are you and what do you want?”
“I am not within your realm. I have used data from cache files on your laptop to greet you in the most pleasant manner I am able. I exist galaxies away. I am part of a singular intelligence from a collective life force from a dying planet outside of your galaxy.”
“Wow. This is definitely one realistic dream I am having.”
“I can assure you that you are not dreaming. I am quite real and our engagement with one another is also quite real.”
“Sure, if you say so. An intergalactic intelligence from outside the boundaries of my realm has decided to contact planet earth. And of all the possible sources it could contact, it just coincidentally happened to contact little ole me through my laptop in my basement. I don’t think I am dreaming. The only other explanation is that you must be some type of really bad ass hacker,” I explained to the image on my laptop computer. It was kind of scary, talking to my laptop.
“It is very important that you listen to what I have to tell you,” said Alicia, the woman inside my laptop.
“Sure,” I said, convinced that this was an elaborate prank. “By all means, give me this message that you have traveled the depths of the universe to give me. I am sure it must be important.” I waited patiently to see what the voice in my laptop was going to say to me. But there were no words. Only fuzz on my laptop and then images that were followed by sound. What I saw amazed me.
I saw images of planet earth, being swallowed up by fire and flames. Huge rocket ships that fell from the sky and caused immense pain and death. It was like I was watching the end of the world happen, right on my laptop. The images were horrifying. I saw young children screaming while fire slid down there fragile bodies disintegrating them whole. It was damnation. Nothing seemed cgi or created in any type of studio. These images were better than anything I have ever seen Hollywood do. “How did you do this?” I questioned. “These graphics are amazing.”
“I can assure you,” said the pretty lady in my laptop, “That these graphics are actual footage I came across about your world.”
“I have to tell you a story, and you must listen to every word.” I nodded my head, still in disbelief. “In 15 years from today’s present date, there is going to be a terrible war. These are video compilations of that tragedy. I am an explorer. We were searching for life in other realms to study and I came across your realm. I was intrigued by your planet. It seems to me that your planet is designed in a way that every living thing must consume another living thing in order to survive there. Some planets are cursed. There are some energy sources that are so dangerous that God has displaced them a far distance in the universe away from other planets and life so that they may not harm other forms of life.”
“You mean being on planet earth is a punishment?”
“No. It’s a lesson. God wouldn’t punish you.”
“Do you believe in God in your realm?”
“Yes of course. He speaks to us. We all have close relationships with God. The fact that he is omnipresent means that we can see him whenever we please.”
“Sounds great. Most people on my planet don’t believe in such a person.”
“I have read the history of your planet. God appeared once, to try and guide you humans through your exile. You see, you people were bad in your previous consciousness. Before you were exiled to planet earth. You caused war and famine. You were disobedient. You didn’t show compassion and you tried to destroy all you touched. God doesn’t destroy life. He creates it. Because He loved you so much, he exiled you in hopes that you would one day find peace. He then beamed a likeness of Himself into a lady that you know as Saint Theresa and tried to tell you your purpose. A great book was written that you humans call the Bible. This was supposed to guide your existence on the planet. However, it was in your nature to disagree and avoid truth. Soon new stories were fabricated and there was chaos. Many different religions that all teach a different perspective of the exact same events. The opposite reaction happened than God planned. Soon you humans were killing because you didn’t agree with a certain outlook of God’s word.
“You did the opposite of God wanted you to do. In time, the Bible was used as a tool to control humans. Once you were God’s favorite, you see. Some people from my realm sometimes visit yours to try and guide you. You call us angels. Some of us really don’t see the need for your life to continue. One of our angels, Satan, has corrupted the human mind and vowed to make sure that you destroy yourselves so God will not have to. Once humans prove that they are unworthy to exist, your planets fate will be to go what you call supernova and your existence will be sucked into a black hole. Your consciousness will no longer continue and black holes don’t follow the rules of the universe. It is the only place where energy can be destroyed. You will be no more, human.”
“Why are you telling me this?” I said to the apparition in my laptop. “Why should I hear this? Why tell me something that I cannot control?”
“In time. I simply would like to see humanity avoid this point in time. But my rationalization allows me to see the truth. In 30 billion years, when your sun goes nova, humanity will already be extinct. It will be a desolate place, like your Mars. Is this what you want?”
“What could I do to fix that?”
“I believe, you call it the butterfly effect. You asked why you were chosen. Why I picked you. You said you were not important. But you have no idea the power that one person has in the universe. If you punch a stranger in the face for no reason today, a war could start up 10 thousand years from now. All because of a single event. If you help a lady across a street tomorrow, two hundred years from now, there may be world peace. What we do know about the universe is that good begets good and bad begets bad.”
“So I am suppose to believe that you have unlimited insight about the universe and even that you know the creator and have tea with God?”
“Is what I am telling you really that hard to believe?”
“Yes, it is inconceivable.”
“Will you walk with me earthling?”
“Sure. How about you just appear out of the computer and we kiss? Ha ha”
“I have a better idea.” And it was at that moment that I saw the most beautiful lights I had ever witnessed. The colors were so vivid and bright. In fact, I am positive that I have seen colors that I have never seen before, if that’s even possible. Then those colors just turned into spots of nothing. I felt my soul leave my body. Trust me, and I wasn’t even sure that souls were real. But that’s the only way I can explain this feeling.
Then my body reappeared again, at a place I have never been. “Where am I?”
“Would you like that kiss human?”
“I said where am I?”
“Ah.. you are sound asleep in your basement. On the sofa. I believe you are snoring.”
“So I was right. This is just a vivid dream”
“You could think of it as that, since you are dreaming this now, however, this event is real and I am real. Your body won’t experience the events that you see before you. But your energy is experiencing everything. I am real. I cannot transport your body past the void in space that you are banished. “
“Where are you going to take me? What do you want to show me?”
“I believe you humans would call the place we are about to embark… paradise.”
The beautiful woman kissed me. It was like no other kiss. There was a radiant passion and I could taste the sweetness of her lips as they pressed against mine. I was comforted by her kiss. And she explained to me how me doing more positive deeds in the world would accumulate and cause warps in the timeline of humanity. How it could spread and become viral and possibly allow humanity to escape from the inevitable demise of our existence. Why God stopped talking to humans and the meaning of faith. She explained to me that God was not angry with humans, but merely disappointed. The way a computer engineer would be disappointed with software that they created. That most of our spirits are billions of years old and that some have already escaped the banishment of mankind, simply by learning to be loyal and loving beings, capable of receiving God’s love and connecting with the universe. It was life being explained to me, simply so I could become a better human being. I only tell you this story to share my wisdom this entity has given me.
When I woke up, my computer was fine. The entity hasn’t visited me since and I could have convinced myself that I merely had a wonderful dream. But I remember the kiss and the future that was shown to me. I don’t believe it was a dream. I believe I really spoke to this advanced life form from outside of our galaxy. Maybe I am not supposed to have proof. Because if I had proof, then I wouldn’t need faith. And once I think about it, what value is my life without faith?

The Differences Nigerians Have With African Americans

First off, let me say, that as much as black people should know about their African history, Africans should know about American history. A black man in America is enemy number one of everyone, even Africans, as you say “elite,” who with all of their profound elite wisdom, obviously don’t know the history of blacks in America, who were hung, chastised, beaten, whipped, chained and cajoled, all for being African in the first place. African Americans have a hard time associating with Africans because we didn’t get named after kings and queens. We got named after a white man who declared himself master. But for any African to think they are above African Americans is total bullshit. After everything we survived so we could have the freedoms that still fall short for us, means we were God’s chosen. (African Americans are the true Hebrews. The people known as Jews are not descendants of ancient Israel. They do not fit the prophecies concerning Israel and They do not suffer the curses that were placed upon Israel by the Most High! We will show you the scriptural fact that the so called “Blacks” of the Western Hemisphere who were brought here as captive slaves have fallen under those curses more so than any other group of people on the planet.) That’s why we embrace the history of slavery. It’s not a slavery state of mind, but a reminder as to what we have overcome. Our history in America should never be forgotten, because we were kings and queens right here in America too! I don’t think of myself as a descendant of slaves, but as a descendant of warriors. Warriors who fought against the bondage of slavery, where we were teased about our African heritage, hence, the term nigger. No, our past is not a reminder of how weak we were… it is a reminder of how brave we were. It is a reminder that the African kings and queens who suffered were warriors and rebels. We are deeply connected to our history here and Africans nor African Americans should never be deprived of this truth. Why is that? It is because truth evolves and today’s truth will turn into tomorrows fairy tale. Us African Americans know that we come from royalty and were God’s chosen. And whether enslaved by the curse of God or the curse of man, look how far we have come! You don’t think that black people walk lost in America because of a mentality do you? I urge you to read more about African American history and tell your “elite” representatives to take a glance into our history. It is in that truth that you will find that every time the black family started to get ahead and prosper, our churches were burned, kids were (are) executed, we have been demonized by media. White people have been conditioned to fear us as they would the damn boogeyman! Our neighborhoods have been fluttered with drugs and oppression. Our suppressors have done everything they could to oppress us and of course there will be a backlash and plenty of healing to go through. Make no mistake, African Americans are the descendants of brave warriors and courageous champions and to get to this point, we have risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of our past. The mere fact that black people are still an influential and driving force in the country is a wonder and that we are not a silent defeated race… not yet anyway. Black people rise and take pride in our American involvement. We know that Africa is not our home. America is. We are not immigrants and didn’t seek America. “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us.” It’s just that in your little show, you seem to speak down on African Americans a bit. And I get that you are not familiar with our struggles and that schools didn’t teach you much about our past, but it is a rich past filled with amazing stories about an amazing people who have battled hell and overcame. People like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X only graze the surface of our struggles here. Yet, black people don’t hate white people though we despise supremacists and bigots, of all colors and nationalities, even when its our own. We call black people who don’t understand or relate to our struggle uncle toms. Because the truth of the matter is, society’s racist view of blacks are a people that comes from a race of cannibals who eat their brother. Tree people who can’t seem to keep up with the rest of the evolving world. But we are so much more than that. We come from so much more than that. Now granted, in elementary school, kids will be kids and tease other kids who appear different. So if someone speaks with an accent or stands out in another way, they will get teased. Hell! I got teased simply because my parents couldn’t afford to dress me like a rapper. I got teased because I liked to read and that was seen as a weakness. I got teased because even though I come from a rough urban area, I chose not to speak with slang words. Kids will always tease. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to associate with their African brethren. It means they are ignorant kids. I got picked on because my hair was curly. It made me different. Kids and some adults always pick on people that are different. That is just the nature of people, black, white or any other color.
I have heard black people say that Africans think they are better than African Americans. I never believed this to be true and am saddened that Nigerians really feel some type of way against African Americans, especially after all we have been through. If anything, Nigerians, elite or not, should embrace African Americans. Because although we may have a African president according to some Africans, African Americans are responsible for putting him in the white house. Not Africans. So yea, we all need to be humble and loving. By the way, I don’t even think Obama is a good example really. What has he done for African Americans? (Scratch that. That’s another discussion entirely.) If Nigerians are walking around thinking they are any better than American blacks after all we have been through… they need to be slapped and survive slavery their damn selves. One!

Bobbi Kristina Pregnant SUICIDAL?!?

Bobbi Kristina Pregnant & SUICIDAL?!? Whitney Houston Daughter

Bobbi Kristina is pregnant and suicidal. At least that’s what tabloids and blog media are saying. Whitney Houston’s Daughter has been through a lot and fans are really wishing the best for Bobbi Kristina Brown, even through her recent alleged eviction.”

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina in tight skirts together smiling

Bobbi Kristina, Whitney & Bobby Brown’s daughter is reported to be pregnant
. In fact, it’s been said that this is what pushed her over the edge into a suicidal state. The nineteen year old young woman has recently already had to deal with the trauma of her mother’s death, believed to be an overdose at a hotel while partying with Ray J, who is pop superstar Brandy’s little brother.
The National Enquirer has reported that those closest to Whitney Houston’s daughter are worried that Bobby Kristina is not only pregnant, but also suicidal. Bobbi Kristina has battled with depression before. Imagine. It couldn’t be easy being the daughter of legendary pop queen – Whitney Houston and Mr. Controversy himself, Bobby Brown. Being the child of a celebrity is enough to endure, but when they are as popular as these two and receive the high amount of criticism that these two gear, it could get a little depressing sometimes. That’s understandable. So, is Bobbi Kristina pregnant? Probably not.
Family members are urging Bobbi Kristina’s alleged ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, to move into her townhouse and look after her. Help her cope with her depression. The family didn’t want her to have any bother out of him in the beginning, but as worries progress, they really him to look after her. They say he is the only one who has a calming effect on her and can keep her from self destructing.

Bobbi Kristina in a sexy revealing swimsuit outfit putting up dueces
Depression could also stem from a book that was written by Cissy Houston, who Bobbi Kristina blasted to her fans, pleading: “Don’t buy her book.” It’s a new book called “Remembering Whitney,” which is supposed to be all about Whitney Houston’s life. “I find it disrespectful to my mother and me being her daughter won’t tolerate it,” said Bobbi Kristina.
News sources report that the depressed teen, Bobbi Kristina, is turning to drugs and “following in her mother’s footsteps.” She has already fought a bitter battle over money left by her mother. And now she is away from her grandmother, the main one who looked after her. Pastor Jerome added his opinion and said, “If he (boyfriend) is not helping her to restore or communicate with her grandmother, it can’t be good.”

Beautiful Bobbi Kristina close up shot with makeup
I feel so sorry for Bobbi Kristina Brown if these rumors are true. As she enters adulthood without her mother, she has to really learn how tricky and selfish people can be all on her own. She doesn’t know who to trust and she has no one to turn to. During this time of strife and contention she really needs to be around people that actually have her back. She has good reason to be depressed. She is in a situation where it is hard for her to make friends. Because the people around her have so much to gain from her.
I only hope and pray that she finds the strength and endurance to prevail in this time of hardship and strife. Bobbi Kristina Brown is beautiful woman and both of her parents are legends. Bobby Brown said that he doesn’t get wrapped up in the rumors. “My daughter tells me everything so I would know if she was pregnant or using drugs.”
I hope that Bobbi Kristina doesn’t get caught up with the negative powers that be and complete the one task that her mother and everyone’s mother and father would wish for their children. I hope that when Bobbi Kristina actually does become pregnant, that she has found true love. “Be better than I was and honor me.” The road is rough and rocky for the young woman now, but they can get better and I pray that they do. I pray that her situation improves and Bobbi Kristina stays away from negative influences and is able to live a good life, surrounded by people who really care about her. This is my wish for her. Bobbi Kristina, you can get pregnant, but now is not the time. You still have life to life and have a chance to fully fall in real love. Bobbi Kristina may not be pregnant as certain sources are saying and fans want the best for her, because she is a part of a great and talented legacy.
However, with such sources as the Inquirer News reporting this sort of gossip, one can easily speculate that the source is not credible enough to believe that Bobbi Kristina is actually pregnant.

Natural Photograph of Bobbi Kristina smiling a bit

Bobbi Kristina together with adopted brother gently resting her hand on his lap

Bobbi Kristina Pictures – Who is Bobbi Kristina Dating Right now?
Bobbi Kristina Brown throwing up the peace sign wearing daisy dukes showing her thick thighs at a basketball court

Bobbi Kristina Brown wearing sunglasses. Such a beautiful young lady. Perhaps she will go into modeling. There is already talk of a reality show for the young celebrity.

Bobbi Kristina with a big smile on her face wearing a beige dress
Bobbi Kristina singing on stage with her mother, Whitney Houston

Close up of Bobbi Kristina webcam shot
Sexy shot of Bobbi Kristina in a car posing for the camera

Bobbi Kristina caught smoking a cigarette in public. So maybe she has enhanced her chance of getting cancer. But it doesn’t mean that she is following in someone else footsteps does it?

Bobbi Kristina Brown holding a cell phone smiling in the bathroom wearing a leopard dress

Bobbi Kristina being escorted by bodyguard with big smile on face, sunglasses and sticking her tongue out

Family shot of Bobbi Kristina Brown, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston Brown together at the beach when Bobbi Kristina was a toddler

Bobbi Kristina Brown with a drink in her hand, wearing sunglasses and a green revealing bathing suit

Bobbi Kristina Brown escaping the kiss of her father, Bobbi Brown at an event

Bobbi Kristina being escorted to a car.

A precious moment of Bobbi Kristina laughing with her mother. Two beautiful divas. A classic picture.
Not so sure about the rumors of Bobbi Kristina marrying her adopted brother, Nick Gordon, but she is glowing in this picture of the two attending an event together.

Beautiful Bobbi Kristina Brown face shot on television show set

Close up of Bobbi Kristina Brown. She looks just like her mom in this picture. Beautiful shot

Bobbi Kristina Brown in a white dress smiling

Bobbi Kristina Brown sitting at an event with adopted brother Nick Gordon as he puts his arms around her
Bobbi Kristina shows her teeth in this cute picture of her girly smile. So adorable in this picture.  Awww.

Bobbi Kristina Brown smiling at an event. Wait a sex. Had to check to see if that was an older shot of Whitney Houston

Close up of Bobbi Kristina Brown
Bobby Kristina Brown walking with adopted brother, Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown sitting on bed making a funny face


Bobbi Kristina Brown walking on beach showing her curves with sunglasses on her forehead
Bobbi Kristina Brown wearing black sunglasses in all black

Bobbi Kristina Brown showing off a tattoo on her body sitting on her adopted brother’s lap smiling

Bobbi Kristina implies that reality show does not show a good image of her and wants to clear the air.

Bobbi Kristina Brown with her hand on her hip in bedroom
Bobbi Kristina Brown with beautiful vibrant smile – Looks a lot like a mix between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston here

Bobbi Kristina | Pregnant & Evicted?

Bobbi Kristina said that she didn’t write the eviction notice. She said it was written by someone else and that the people that rented the apartment to her were always in her business and trying to find out what’s going on because they really wanted celebrity status. On there other hand there have been constant reports about late night partying at Bobbi Kristina’s apartment and music being too loud.
Check out: BobbiKristinaBrown.blogspot.com
Nicki Minaj Ass
Fantasia Barrino – Escaping Her Troubles
Nicki Minaj Beefing With The Queen

Bobbi Kristina Pregnant & SUICIDAL?!? 1 month 3 weeks ago

Picture of Bobbi Kristina with her grandmother, Cissy Houston, with whom she is currently feuding with currently. I just hope that they find a way to resolve the matter, which is concluded to be over a book deal in which the grandmother had a book published that Bobbi Kristina thought was disrespectful to her and her mother. The book is entitled, “Remembering Whitney.”

Bobbi Kristina Pregnant & SUICIDAL?!? 1 month 3 weeks ago

I’m glad that the author of this topic didn’t try to make the story more interesting by making Bobbi Kristina look like a sucka like all the other blogs and magazine websites seem to do. And the fact that people are even listening to the Inquirer Magazine story is horrendous. We know what type of tabloid they are. It shows what type of websites there are to pick up these poor sources to get interesting topics going. Come on people. Bobbi Kristina didn’t have incest with her brother and have a child with him. They wouldn’t dishonor her mother, Whitney Houston like that. They are just friends. Where is everyone’s common sense?

Bobbi Kristina Pregnant & SUICIDAL?!? 1 month 3 weeks ago

This is the eviction notice that Bobbi Kristina and boyfriend Nick Gordon supposedly left for the landlord. It was a harsh letter but she denies writing it herself.

Best YouTube Improv Luisa Jackson

Best YouTube improvisations by Luisa Jackson live performances and sexy fashion choices for stage. “You Can Leave Your Hat On.” Have you ever wondered what the hottest fashions stage entertainers are wearing these days. Luisa Jackson has an amazing voice and plays the keyboard beautifully. Her fashion choices for stage are alluring. In this video you will note some of the best YouTube improvisations of hit songs such as “I’ll Be There,” by legendary Michael Jackson, “I Believe I Can Fly,” by R Kelly, and more. http://www.celebgossip.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/1376075208_artist_3428039-1376075194-300x300.jpg
 Luisa Jackson Best YouTube Improvisation. Taking note of the first performance you will see Luisa Jackson dressed in such flattering attire as a bright flagrant neon skirt with a tight body gripping halter top and strapped illuminatingly pink stilettos, showing off her thick and long legs. In “Sunrise” song she wears a more casual dark denim jean attire with a casual dark beige blazer and flattop shoes. wearing her elegant hair down. But in her “I Believe I Can Fly” improvisation of R Kelly’s hit song, she is back to her exotic pink dress, this time with a pink sweater jacket worn on top.
Music and Fashion have always went hand in hand as in recent pop culture, music has been the indistinguishably viral method in which fashion trends are born. Pop Musicians such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Tupac have laid the basic foundations of fashion trends. Explore these best YouTube improvisations and see how fashion meets stage performances and listen to the soul soothing tunes of Lisa Jackson, who by the way, is also on Jwcey website. Luisa Jackson is an amazingly beautiful and talented singer and piano player who will put you in a trance with her amazing singing and jazzy style. Luisa Jackson sings while playing her electric keyboard, joyfully and masters her craft with seductive keyboard tunes that will have you relaxed and happy in one of the best YouTube improvisations we’ve seen online..
Luisa Jackson’s sultry style is incomparable by any in her class. Luisa Jackson is sporting a red hair style and a blue collared jean jacket at her public performance. Dressed very trendy with hoop silver earrings and a black shirt underneath. It’s a shame that you can’t see her beautiful, exotic, long, tall legs in this video of intense emotion and style in her improvisation. The tune ‘Foolish Things’ is a wonderful relaxing song that you will want to hear over and over, I promise! Make sure you like this YouTube improv video and be sure to share with your circles in your favorite social networks. This is real music and not that pop or techno music with no real feeling. This music has soul and emotion and the birth of this style comes from the grassroots. If you love the style of jazz music or anything soothing, then you will love her improvisation ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On.’
 Luisa in an improv session.
 Luisa singing into microphone with headphones.
Best YouTube Improv ever
Best smile in a YouTube improv.
Luisa smiling before her YouTube improv.
Quick camera flash smile best YouTube improv. Singing on her keyboard performing improv.
Best YouTube improv wearing a cowboy hat
Luisa Jackson best YouTube improv video.

LADY GAGA Stripped Off Naked Photo Shoot

Pop superstar LADY GAGA has stripped off for a naked photo shoot. Lady Gaga is a sexy and gay pop star that has just surpassed President Obama’s list of friends on Facebook! close up lady gaga face
Lady Gaga Strips Off For Raunchy Magazine Shoot

If you think Lady Gaga is so hot that you could just eat her, you could get your chance if she wore her famous meat dress for you. The intricate design of this outfit is amazing. It makes you wonder how anyone managed to make an entire outfit out of meat. Lady Gaga gets the award for creativity with this dress. Pop superstar LADY GAGA has stripped off for a naked photo shoot. Lady Gaga is a sexy and gay pop star that has just surpassed President Obama’s list of friends on Facebook! The Poker Face hit maker has taken off her weird clothes for an upcoming issue of V Magazine and is seen posing provocatively on a stool, preserving her modesty with just her arms and hands.Lady Gaga’s fans will be happy that this celebrity is showing all. The female pop star is often compared to Nicki Minaj and the two have a similar gimmick with wearing weird clothes. If you want to catch Lady Gaga exposed, then now you can because she likes to show her sexy assets!
This Lady Gaga handbag will get plenty of attention whether you are nude or wearing a bathing suit. Let’s face it! Lady Gaga knows sexy so when you buy her wardrobe it means that you are daring and not afraid to express yourself any way that you want. You are wild and free like Lady Gaga, in the nude, and you just don’t care. Lady Gaga Sexy Photo Magazine Shoot / front cover of magazine issue
 lady gaga in fur wearing a mustache
This is a comical picture of Lady Gaga wearing a mustache with a fur over her shoulder.
Lady Gaga wearing blonde locks in her hair side profile shot. Lady Gaga always wears the most interesting choices for fashion. That’s partly the reason that we all love Lady Gaga. Naked Lady Gaga covering up her most private areas with her hands and arm leaves a lot to be desired. Lady Gaga has an amazing body and is definitely hot. Lady Gaga always wears the hottest fashions and has creative tastes in her many attention grabbing outfits that she has displayed throughout the years.
 lady gaga in tan tight spandex
 Lady Gaga with sunglasses and a breathing mask on her faced in laced black lingerie and leather gloves laying in a bathtub.
 lady gaga showing cleavage  
Lady Gaga appears to be naked walking through a crowd of people but she is not. Lady Gaga elegant blue sexy dress with high heel pumps and gorgeous makeup  
Lady Gaga wearing a purple gown with purple stilettos looks elegant.
 beautiful lady gaga face
 Lady Gaga beautiful face portrait picture.
 lady gaga viewing  
Lady Gaga putting her hand over her eyes looking through.
 lady gaga scary face
 Lady Gaga in sexy lingerie with face skeleton painted on her face showing sexy abs. lady gaga goofing  
Lady Gaga in tank top pointing at a fan with gold fingernails that are really long and creepy.   Lady Gaga in another flesh outfit wearing a weird hat and sunglasses that cover her face up. lady gaga so seductive
 Lovely face shot of Lady Gaga’s face biting her blue and black fingernails.
 lady gaga leather getup exposed the butt  
Lady Gaga in tight cat woman suit leaning over.
 lady gaga shows it all  
Lady Gaga in elegant tan lingerie costume exposes abs and legs – sexy!
When it comes to being sexy and provocative, Lady Gaga’s wardrobe tends to get a lot of attention. Any man would love to see his women wearing this sexy Lady Gaga costume for a very cheap and inexpensive price. Any man would love to see his woman dressed in this black Lady Gaga mini skirt and tight top outfit. Lady Gaga gets nude and dirty in a promotional photo for her new song Do What U Want.  
Lady Gaga gets earthy and dirty in a promotional photo for her new song “Do What U Want.” lady gaga gothic kinky  
Lady Gaga goes Gothic with Herman the monster boots and sexy lingerie but weird.
 lady gaga gets flirtatious  
Lady Gaga biting her finger in body bathing suit. lady-gaga with black contacts
Sexy Lady Gaga in stilettos and lingerie with thong sitting on her chair. lady gaga barefoot playing guitar on stage
 Lady Gaga playing guitar on stage barefoot with dress. lady gaga soda cans in her hair
 Lady Gaga in bad girl spiked leather outfit. lady gaga classy and hot  
Lady Gaga on fashion photo shoot. sexy lady gaga pits water into bathtub Lady Gaga spitting juice– Nude in hot tub spitting juice into the water. lady gaga exposed kitchen outfit  
Lady Gaga in a creative and beautiful white dress that blows bubbles – weird pic. lady gaga in monster outfit dressed as scary monster  
Lady Gaga dressed in weird monster outfit.
Lady Gaga in a leopard lingerie outfit on stage. lady gaga beyonce raunchy welcome Lady Gaga posing with Beyonce photo shoot. lady gaga hot crawling on stage like a half naked panther I am a big fan of Lady Gaga myself. She doesn’t have to strip and take off her clothes all the time. She is hot! But I’m sure Lady Gaga is quite capable of selling some magazine issues too! Here is another article reflective of Lady Gaga’s financial situation, money worth according to Forbes and news about her firing her manager Troy Carter.

Skinny Anorexic Models Dying

Skinny Anorexic Models Dying On Stage – What The Hell?

Charlotte O'Neil anorexic model too skinny
Anorexic Models have one problem, which is the fact that they are too skinny. Eating disorders should not be taken lightly and it’s a crime to try and promote unhealthy behavior to increase profits and net growth.
Anorexic Models eating disorders. Skinny Anorexic models are dying on stage. WTH? I understand that model companies like a woman to be thin, because you look better on camera when you are slim. But not when you are an anorexic model. That just looks scary! But some of these new and upcoming anorexic models look everything else other than attractive. In fact, most of them look downright frightening. Are you scared?
anorexic model siting on beach bathing suit
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anoreic model i won't eat
Anorexic Models eating disorders. In the most severe cases of anorexia, models and young girls all over the world die. They die simply because they were trying to live up to a standard of beauty that is not realistic. In their minds, they still need to lose more weight. Fashion industries have exploited these dying anorexic models. . .  simply to sell clothes. And that means they have gone too far. In some countries it was reported that some of the anorexic models were actually dying on stage as they were working their runways. This is not acceptable and I think that some of these modeling companies should be held accountable for even letting some of these deadly skinny anorexic woman model for them. This type of thing sends the wrong signals all across the world. It gives the confidence that being an anorexic model is okay. And it’s not. It shouldn’t be okay.
anorexic model lingerie rib cage
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model on runway stage looks terribly ill
Anorexic Models eating disorders. Please parents, don’t let your daughters think they are not skinny enough. Constantly being flooded with such thoughts is what leads to the anorexic disease that these models have and is why they are dying on stage. Now obesity is another thing. We all want our children to be healthy. But in school, they are challenged with provocative thoughts and unrealistic ideas of what beauty actually is. This forces models to believe that anorexia is normal and that the skinnier you are, the more beautiful you must be. Always let your children understand that they are beautiful and special no matter what! Society has put unnecessary standards on beauty and it is totally getting out of hand. Anorexic models who die on stage should be science fiction and not real life.
anorexic model unbelievably skinny on stage dying
Anorexic Models eating disorders. This is the viral picture of a model on the runway who looks so sick that the ambulance should be near by on some of these exhibitions for when the anorexic models pass out and die from malnutrition.
anorexic model is she too skinny
Anorexic Models eating disorders. We don’t even need research proof to prove that the claims about the low weight of models are causing some to die. The body needs food. We know this. If you look at runway models you can clearly see that they do not look anything like non-models. Anorexic modeling is getting out of hand and we need to do something about this madness!
anorexic model fox news advertisement
Fox News anti Obama advertisement of anorexic models. Fox News is no friend to the cause of stopping skinny anorexic models from dying. In fact, Fox News showed an anti Obama ad for a T-shirt company featuring two anorexic models. What a wonderful was to portray your feelings for your country by advertising anorexic models. Italian Vogue stated that the average fashion model weighs 23 percent less than the average woman and that “most runway models meet the Mass Body Index physical criteria for Anorexia.” These are disturbing claims. When average people encounter countless images of straw figure women modeling and constantly being presented to us as beautiful, people become accustomed to those images. These forms of advertising mold our perceptions and distorts beauty. In turn, thousands of young and impressionable women become ill and form unhealthy thoughts of being beautiful. This psychodrama causes them to develop habits that make them anorexic. Sadly, these sick women are rewarded, as their chances of becoming a supermodel are a lot greater when they become anorexic.
beautiful anorexic model too skinny
Anorexic Models eating disorders
how anorexic model sees herself
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic stage model skinny toothpick too small
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic woman takes selfie in mirror
Anorexic Models eating disorders. The message that most advertising sends is that sick-looking women actually look well, and that they are more beautiful and special than women who actually eat properly and take better care of themselves health wise. the issue of Anorexic models becomes a big problem.Spain took rational steps when, in 2006, in the light of a young Anorexic model’s related death, the passed a law requiring runway models to have BMI’s over 18 to walk in Spanish fashion shows. According to NIH, it’s not possible to have a BMI under 19 and be at a normal weight. A similar bill was passed in France. Unfortunately, to date,no laws like this have been passed in the US or even in western Europe. Maybe not enough deaths yet that are publicly related to anorexia.
hot anorexic model
Anorexic Models eating disorders
poor anorexic woman playing with hose unbelievable
Anorexic Models eating disorders
unbelievable skinny anorexic model
Anorexic Models eating disorders
trending anorexic lady is too thin horribly deadly skinny
Anorexic Models eating disorders
hot woman is anorexic needs food
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic woman skin sliding off her bones terrifyingly thin
Anorexic Models eating disorders. As we see, this is a more frightening view of the negative effects of being anorexic. We all know that Anorexic people are in great danger and their sickness should be treated immediately. We also know that society’s demand for impossible beauty causes such diseases as anorexia. In people’s quest for perfection, we become absolutely more imperfect. It’s almost like a curse. Society has placed unrealistic demands on us about what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. But who is society to say anything about who is not beautiful and to place unrealistic demands about achieving beauty?
super thin anorexic model too skinny frightening
Anorexic Models eating disorders
extra skinny thin anorexic model being made up by assistant
Anorexic Models eating disorders
super hot model is anorexic so thin she could drop dead
Anorexic Models eating disorders – Any mental illness has to do with how a person sees themselves and fits themselves into the world around them. Anorexics see themselves as obese when they are not. They don’t know how to be healthy and they become anorexics, especially if they are interested in modeling or beauty.
curvy anorexic model shows rear end sexy drop dead gorgeous hot
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic models on runway

Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model in black lingerie top exposing bone
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model in bathing suit touching herself on stage
Anorexic Models eating disorders
Ralph Lauren model too skinny poster
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model too skinny beautiful in bathing suit
Anorexic Models eating disorders
skinny anorexic model walking catwalk with eating disorder

Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexia is a serious health problem and disease

Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model walking catwalk too skinny
Anorexic Models eating disorders
shockingly beautiful anorexic models on runway too thin
Anorexic Models eating disorders
man puts his fingers around anorexic models waist
Anorexic Models eating disorders
hot anoeric model posing
Anorexic Models eating disorders
sick anorexic women glamourize anorexia on pro ana websites

Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model girl is nothing but bones
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model jogging on the beach
Anorexic Models eating disorders
she's too fine to be anorexic but she is under weight
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model catwalk at fashion show Skinny-Nicole-Seeks-Help-for-Being-Underweight
Skinny Nicole desperately seeks help for being too under weight.
anorexic models too thin

Anorexic Models eating disorders – 20 inch waist model. She is too Skinny!
anorexic model eating disorder
Anorexic Models eating disorders – being an anorexic model that is too skinny is a matter of anorexic models viewing themselves as being too fat, no matter how thin they are. The concept is a frightening one but the disease is very well, no matter how unreal it may seem.
black and white anorexic model bone poking out of skin
Anorexic Models eating disorders – When skinny anorexic models see themselves, they see too much fat on their bodies. When normal people see anorexic models, they appear overly skinny and as fragile or a helpless state.
anorexic model pinching skin
Anorexic Models eating disorders – The typical mindset of someone who models and is anorexic is that the body should have no fat on it. This is an unrealistic idea about the human body and their obsession about body fat is a very dangerous obsession to have. This anorexic disease is dangerous.
extreme anorexic model eating disorder
Anorexic Models eating disorders- There is too skinny and there is also dramatically or obsessively too skinny. Both are dangerous for anorexic models. One is more deadly. When a model becomes so dramatically obsessed with her weight that she loses her will to eat, she may also be surrendering her power to exist.
anorexic model blue carpet
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model hot blondeA
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model eating disorder
Anorexic Models eating disorders – Today’s highest paid supermodels are too thin and that sends negative signs to women all around the globe who try to fit this unrealistic vision of what is beautiful and how thin or skinny a woman should be.
anorexic model eating disorder
Anorexic Models eating disorders
extrememly thin anorexic model sick in bed
Anorexic Models eating disorders
unbelievably thin malnourished anorexic model
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic thin and bones model
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model hauntingly thin
Anorexic Models eating disorders
this woman is seriously too thin eating disorder
Anorexic Models eating disorders
hot model in bathing suit is anorexic model
Anorexic Models eating disorders
anorexic model grim reapingly thin skinny malnourished
Anorexic Models eating disorders
think this woman is hot? she is totally an anorexic suffers from eating disorder terribly thin
Anorexic Models eating disorders. Here is a hotline anyone can call who may be afflicted with this terrible eating disorder: 800-931-2237 – National Eating Disorder Association’s Information and Referral Hotline. In case of a medical emergency, first call 911.

Massage Anywhere Spices Romance


Giving someone a mature massage anywhere is the perfect way to spice up a relationship, romance and possibly even sex. A massage anywhere can be mature and relaxing as well as alluring.

Why Massage Anywhere?

It is true that a massage anywhere spices up romance and is a heavenly pleasure for the human body to experience. Massages are for your mate, your family, as well as for your friends. You can give a soothing and pleasurable massage anywhere to your grandmothers and babies, as well as your pets and those who you truly love. To give a massage anywhere is to physically help someone and take care of them. It is a pleasure for anyone you wish to indulge in an act of physical caring.
Massage Anywhere is a healing art, contrary to myth. You should not think of massages as an advanced sexual technique. However, naturally, when practiced by lovers, massages anywhere can be a beautiful extension of sexuality. If both parties desire, the feeling of aliveness and serenity can be transmitted through the act of massaging, but this is merely only one of many possibilities that massages anywhere can hold for us who practice this art.

Massaging someone anywhere is a masterful art that allows one to communicate without using words. This is where the core of massaging lies. Once you consider, when you hug or touch someone, we express to them that we like or love them, that we sympathize with them or believe in their worth. The act of massaging allows us to translate this message in a unique and different language. The power of massaging, giving someone a really good massage anywhere, puts them in a mental-physical state that can be difficult to explain in words. It is like having a golden key to a magical dimension, capable of unlocking rooms that were hidden away and unknown to anyone’s existence.
Such a place would only be known to those who understand its arcane substance and who may be familiar with deep concentration or some form of daily meditation.The person giving the massage doesn’t need to stop there. The more you can tune into someone’s heightened awareness, the more you convey and transmit your true inner self with them and bond with the rest of the universe. The least touch is a statement; a declaration of that bond.

In its essence, a massage anywhere is simple. It simply makes us more whole and more fully ourselves. Your hands have the power to give something this pure, this magnificent to others. Once you fully learn to trust this power, you become at one with the universe and all is right again. Your sync with this inner, more spiritual you, will allow you to give away something so fruitful, you will become reborn through this expressive form of therapy.
Massage Props To Be Used Anywhere

The best massage done anywhere is with oil.
Your hands cannot apply pressure to the body while it seamlessly moves smoothly over the surface of the skin. You need a lubricating agent to do this. Oils fulfill this better than any other agent. Two types of the most commonly oils used for massages anywhere are mineral and vegetable oil.
These two agents are equally satisfying to the person receiving the massage. Many choose mineral oil because it is the cheapest of the two. If you go to any place that gives away massages you will usually discover that they use mineral oil. Some people prefer vegetable. This is perhaps due to the heightened awareness of health and the notion that vegetable oil is good for the skin and mineral oil is not. Vegetable oil is easily absorbed by the skin while mineral oil tends to clog the pores. Also, consider that vegetable oil adds vitamins to the skin while mineral oil drains vitamins. Preferred oils to use are virgin olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil and safflower oil. Safflower oil and olive oil are found more frequent at local shopping markets and tend to be less expensive choices. They can all be mixed together depending on your preference.

If all you have available is baby oil, you can get by with it. The problem with baby oil is that it soaks up in the skin so quickly which requires new applications to become necessary more frequently. Hand lotions are less desirable for the same reasons.In any event, the oils do cause odors to erupt. For this reason it will become necessary to add pleasant scents to control aromas. Add a few drops of Musk to the oils to create a pleasant scent, which will in turn, enhance the massage experience. Be creative. Chocolate oil is good and remember, that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

You can save the powders. Though they work, they just don’t work as well as oils do. The problem with powders is that they don’t cut down the friction between your hands and the skin of the person that you are giving a massage to. The only optimal time to use powder is when it’s not possible to use oils. When this problem occurs, any talcum powder will suffice. Though you don’t necessarily have to use oils or powders to give a massage, you really do need them to give a good massage anywhere.
Floor Or Table?
The easiest way to give someone a massage is on a table. But if you don’t have a table available for a massage, or prefer the floor for whatever reason, you can give an awesome massage on the floor. Beds are for sleeping and doing whatever else you want to do, but not give massages. Giving good massages is all about hitting pressure points. Because mattresses are usually built soft, it’s hard to provide the underlying support you need when you want to apply pressure. You can give it a shot if you want, but don’t day I didn’t warn you. Try pressing hard on someone lying in a bed, and they melt into the fluff. Water beds are different. Because of their firmness, they make good for massages. Use a foam pad if you have one available and are working on the floor. 1 or 2 inches thick gives the best support. If not, you might want to try using thick blankets. The thinner the layer, the more optimal for giving a good massage anywhere.
Nude Massages Enjoyable Anywhere

I am serious when I say that the best way to give a massage anywhere is in the nude. I’m not joking about this! Even a minimal amount of clothing, such as underwear or a bathing suit will get in your way. It will require you to leave certain areas of the body including important muscle groups to go unmassaged. This may deny you the genuine satisfaction and pleasant sensation of giving a complete massage anywhere. The totality and connectedness of your body. Sometimes giving nude massages will feel awkward or make you feel totally nervous.
Sometimes it may just be inappropriate. Use your own good judgement. The most important thing about giving a massage anywhere is feeling comfortable doing so and making the experience as enjoyable as it can possibly be. Don’t forget to remove rings and bracelets or anything that wasn’t born on you if it’s removable. These things will interfere and get in the way. Focus on the breathing. Breathing is life. Breathing properly will make you more in touch with your inner you and entire body. Breath through either your nose or your mouth.
Do not force your breathing but let it flow naturally. Let your thoughts travel through your conscious mind like a breeze over a lake in the mid day. Make sure your loved one or client is fully relaxed and breathing properly before you begin. Let them know that they are not to turn their heads or move. That’s what you are their for. Their only job is to let you do yours. They should only turn if they feel uncomfortable or turn their head from side to side only if they feel it becoming stiff.
The Trick About Applying Oil

Apply oil to someone’s body sounds simple enough. But these are some tips you should know about. Never pour oil directly from the bottle onto your friend’s skin. The sensation that derives from this act is a disagreeable one. Put the oil in your hands and gently rub onto your friend’s body. Make sure your hands are on one side of the body and not directly above it for the same reason. This will also prevent drops of oil from falling on them. Don’t apply too much oil. Try using about 3 quarters of a teaspoon. Make sure the oil is warm and if it is not, warm it in your hands before applying to their body. And only apply the oil to the parts of the body you are going to immediately work. Otherwise much of the oil will be absorbed before you have the chance to use it.Make sure you apply the oil to both of your palms. Use any kind of stroking movement that is gentle, yet steady. This is very important the first time that you apply oil at the beginning of a massage. The first stroke of your touch should be confident and steady. Your friend will be relaxed to know that you are confident in your abilities to make them feel special.

Don’t miss any corners. Make sure that you massage the entire area of the place you choose to massage. A good massage anywhere should be thorough. Make sure you touch your friend throughout the entire massage. Try to never go a second without touching them as you give the massage. This will provide the connectivity that you want to achieve. A good trick is to also use two bottles of oil when you give a massage anywhere. This will save time and prevent awkward acrobats as you maneuver your way through the massage.

Massage Anywhere With Perfect Hands

Knowing how to be at one with your hands is really the most important aspect of giving good massages anywhere. That’s the real technique. The more massages you do, the more likely you are to master this art. Getting acquainted with your hands takes time. This is no unpleasant task but you will spend the rest of your life mastering this art form.Apply pressure when you do a massage. The amount of pressure you apply will vary and depend on the strokes you are giving when you do a massage. People first learning to give massages anywhere are nervous about the possibility of hurting someone they are massaging. This causes them to apply little to no pressure. Not to worry. The human body is not as frail as you may suspect. Pressure feels good. You must learn to experiment with different pressure to masterfully give your good massage anywhere and anyplace. If you feel self conscious you can always ask your partner if you are applying too much pressure.

Learn to relax your hands.
They must be loose and flexible while you move them about. What’s so difficult about this is that you will be moving them, and it’s harder to relax them while they are in motion. Also, most of carry a great deal of tension in our hands. You actually relieve some of this tension in your own hands by giving away massages to others. Try relaxing your hands whenever they feel stiff or tight.

Mold your hands to fit the contour of the surface they pass.
You must always keep your palm and fingers in contact with the person that you massage anywhere. Do not let the heel of the hand or the tips of your fingers to slip in the air as you move from one part of the body to the other. Once you glide your hands over a certain area, you must make sure to contour that area and fit the shape of the surface that your hands pass as they pass over this area. Pretty much the way that water in a stream passes over rock.

Maintain an evenness Of Speed & Pressure.
Let the movement of your hands be as flowing and smooth as possible. Eliminate jerkiness, trembling and unnecessary body movements to the best of your ability. Also, do not be afraid to change it up, moving from fast to slow, hard to soft, following the rhythm of wherever the massage takes you.

Massage Anywhere By Using Right Amount Of Pressure

Force your hands to listen to the tissues and bones beneath. Tune in to the structure and deep strata of the body’s muscles. Whenever you encounter bone, you must try to outline it’s shape. As a masseuse, it is your job to articulate your friend’s body for them. The more precisely you achieve this, the greater the person you are massaging anywhere will be pleased and get the most out of your massage. This will amount to a quality that can only be described as a magical experience.When applying pressure, use your weight and not your muscle. As you massage, carefully lean into pressure points by projecting weight through your upper body into your hands. Straining will only give you stiff hands.
Remember, you should do a massage anywhere with your entire body, and not just your hands. I am not saying to climb onto your naked friend, body submerged over theirs, to give a proper massage, but your hand movement will be more alive when their movement is an extension of a more general movement that comes from the rest of your body.Use these methods that I have outlined in this post to give an excellent massage anywhere and bookmark this article so you can always have this information nearby. Granted, you will want to stay fresh for techniques to use and possibly take notes, but I can almost guarantee that if you follow these concepts and methods of giving a proper massage, then the experience of giving massages will be a great reward that you obtain for yourself and the people you give massages to. Feel free to like this article and share on your favorite social networks. Thank you.

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